Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fans are disappointed with India U19 performance against Saudi U19 team

Every Indian football fans wish it was a nightmare we had yesterday. Raising all the bars high and showcasing very poor performance against Saudi Arabia U19 team was not an unfortunate thing, but a planned misfortune. South Soccers has tried to understand the game and what went wrong in the game, where starting from the line up until the wrong done showcased on the scorecard. The decisions made by Indian coach Luis Norton backfired throughout the match. The coach could have been careful with the formation and game plan while playing against a strong team like Saudi Arabia.

Players from the back has failed to supply enough ball to the lone forward Raheem Ali, where he couldn’t win the ball in the entire first half. Where in second half he casted two wing forwards, while it loosened the defensive mid and thus the defense, resulting4 goals for Saudi team in the second half. All four goals were penetrated because the defenders made unwanted mistakes. Which may show the improper planning from a bewildered coach. There was no surprise from the result, where we could have except a little heart break comparing the result.  

While resulting 5-0 lost against Saudi Arabia, it leaves us to understand and learn much, where U17 team has performed fairly well against the teams and winning hearts, where the team has upgraded to U19, we expected much and the results are not showing positive, neither on pitch nor on scorecard.

Saudi U19 team played a good game, where they outnumbered the poor game plan from India. Saudi GK has only 3 attempts against him. But Indian defense line made continuous mistakes, leading 5-0 in 90 mins.

No Indian fans expected fireworks in Saudi, neither from Saudi nor from India, but what expected was a decent performance which will give hope and some positive energy and thus the qualification. But we had a bad result and most of the fans are disappointed. Now we leave at your disposal to make comments on the situation of our current U19 team. We wish Luis Norton would come up with some sensible game plant and line ups, which would definitely give a good result. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!

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