Monday, August 13, 2018

Mission Asian dreams. A Pre AFC cup get together at Dubai,

The evening at Bilva School Ground, Dubai was a splendid one for SouthSoccers. The football tournament followed by AFC cup preparation (off the pitch – in stands) discussions were made, and the members has promised about their presence.
On 10/08/2018 the mini friendly tournament with four teams took place. 45 people attended the event, who came from different emirates and it made the event grand success. The four teams for the tournament were named as

1. Chettri Strikers

2. Jeje Killer

3. Anas Warriors

4. Jinghan Fighters

In which league games were played against each other. And in the finals the best two teams from the league stage Chettri Strikers and Jeje Killers played the decider. And with score line 0-1 Jeje Killers became the champions.
“The support and energy from Blue Pilgrims has given us the boost for this tournament and also everyone is very enthusiastic to support India during the AFC cup” prominent member of SouthSoccers Mr. Anoop Satheesh has commented about the event and AFC cup when asked. The event raised the bar and moreover the enthusiasm shown by the members and guests gave a positive sign of support for Indian team.

While SouthSoccers and Blue Pilgrims has come together to bring every fan groups and Indian football fans during the AFC cup. It is the pledge taken by all to give everything for India during the tournament which is to be held through January and February.

SOUTHSOCCERS members welcome the blue pilgrims from India, who is going to be for AFC and promise that every possible support will be arranged.

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