Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Brave the Rain, Wanna Play?

The whole world knows us Kerala’s ardour for football and our long romance with the monsoon gods. If football is ardour, rain is a gift from the heavens then soccer in rain is Euphoria. There is nothing unworldly like getting on the field on a rainy day, just run right through it, hustle, hit and “GOAL”. Get ready for Goosebumps, pitter-patter sounds, and new smells, myriad of unknown emotions that whoosh through your heart. Unleash the kid inside you; get dirty, playful while the rain washes away your worries of the day.
Remember when you were little how you run around in the rain, stomping on those puddles. Soccer in rain is a one way ticket to your childhood days, Laugh a little, aim for the soggy puddles and drench yourself in a spray of gooey mud. Let there be happy faces with a smug grin, let the feet’s get dirty and let your soul be content.
Apart from all the above, soccer in rain benefits you in many ways. It keeps you cool, no sweat and no heat. There is extra oxygen, and it is easier to breathe while it rains. A light drizzle can change the views around you and the after rain smell of the rain that wafts around you is a soothing one. The chatter of raindrops against you feels like beat boxing by nature, the glistening emerald green of the turf under your feet, the water jewelled goal post, rain changes your ordinary day to marvellous. Your day’s worries are washed away by the rain gods. When life gives you rainy days, lace up your boots and head straight for the ball.
While I was writing this article, the dusk falls, there are foreboding clouds above me, it is hot and humid, and there is a slight wind, Yay! It’s going to rain. So I am gonna brave the rain, Wanna Play?
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Kottayam Meriya Sebastian


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