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V.P. Sathyan is living through us, and reborn on screen

Almost 2 decades, this super human from Kannur, Kerala has given everything for Indian football and Kerala football. Being the big wall in the defense for Indian national team and leading the team as a captain for 5 years, he became the AIFF best player in 1995 and to Indian national team assistant coach to Constantine in 2002. He is V.P. Sathyan.  Football fans in Kerala are in joy to see their super human’s biopic released in cinema. Rise and dawn of a legend. CAPTAIN.

Jayasurya acting as V. P. Sathyan, direction and screenplay by Prajesh Sen.
V.P. Sathyan has led Indian football team to greater heights under his boot, but it was highly controversial about the importance and respect the Indian football and authorities has given him back, which eventually lead to his death.
Since 1983 V.P. Sathyan was an important player for Kerala football team. He played for Spirit youth club, Lucky star and then for Kerala police in 1984.  Since playing for Kerala police Indian football has started noticing this stalwart.

It was in 1985, then Indian coach Amar Bahadur Gurung has selected him for Indian team from the selection camp conducted. During the time in the absence of great Indian defenders Subrata Bhattacharya and Monoranjan Bhattacharya, the 19 year old V.P. Sathyan was included in the defense for SAFF cup. Since V.P. Sathyan has pivotal for Indian football team.
After a year during Merdeka tournament Sathyan scored a long ranger to lead India win against South Korea in quarter finals for 4-3. During the interview given by The AIFF vice-president, C.R. Visswanathan, to the Hindu, he recalled that goal as “the stupendous 40-yard goal that Sathyan scored to help India beat South Korea in the quarterfinals. It's still fresh in my mind.”
C.R. Visswanathan, was the team manager for the tournament and added “A very disciplined player and modest to the core, I have always thought of him as a footballer worthy of emulation. His death is a great loss to Indian football”.

He was the member of Indian team for Asian games in 1986. In 1987 Indian team attained Gold medal in SAFF games. In 1991 World cup qualifier, 1993 Nehru cap and 1994 independence cup. In 1993 he led Indian team to gold medal in SAFF games.
With Sathyan, Kerala football was attaining greater heights. Kerala police had won against big names such as Salgocar, Mahendra and Mahendra, V.P. Sathyam as the captain. Kerala has secured Silver medal in Santhosh trophy for the first time in Sathyan’s Captaincy. In 1992 he moved to Mohammadens and then to Mohan Bagan. After 2 years at Kolkatta he returned to Kerala police. He played later in Chennai based Indian Bank team.
After retiring he choose coaching and first appointed as Indian Bank team coach. During that time, Indian Bank team has qualified for Indian National league (present I-league). Later he assisted Stephen Constantine and also spend his tenure in AIFF selection committee.

Before 12 years on July 18th 2006, that news came out from Chennai which shook Indian football. India’s biggest defender, ex Indian football Captain who has defeated many oppositions was defeated his own life after jumping in front of electrical train. He thus ended his colorful journey with a note to entire Indian football. He was an unsung hero.
After 12 years of his demise, we can sadly say that he was not much acknowledged for his donations for Indian football. We heart fully believe and pray that the most vital Indian player’s story held high once again through the cinema. To make the young chaps understand the hardships and hard works he has done to make India reach several heights.
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