Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Rise of another football star, in the land the sand dunes and dreams there arise a new angel, a football star, Meenakshi  Anand. South soccer’s very own Anand Bhai’s 12 year old Meenakshi played a vital role in Sheffield pvt school dubai football team in UAE academy women’s tournament. She scored 4 goals and 3 assists so far against teams like VISS, Ajman School and RAK Academy. Super girl Meenakshi has became “women of the match” during this tournament. 

Being a part of the leading team in the tournament and helping the team to lead ahead, she expressed her happiness and dreams to South Soccer’s members. Anand bhai has supported his child throughout for achieving such a success in football. Mr. Anand Balakrishnan who resides with his family in Dubai is from Kannur, is a prominent member of south soccers family. Meenakshi’s mother Mrs. Sreena Anand also plays a vital role in her success. 

And we take this moment to extend our well wishes to Meenakshi to attain greater heights. And wish her to be another Marta silva, Carli Loyd or Mia Hamm. Let her name fly high in the elite. We wish her all the best.
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