Thursday, July 12, 2018

A mini football worldcup in Bahrain on 13th July. Is it the much anticipated tournament of this season in Bahrain ?

On 13 July at Al Ahli Club, ZInj will witness a mini football world cup for the first time in the history of Bahrain. CIRO WORLD CUP REPLICA 2018 organizers are very excited to see the responses from the public in the past days when they announced the much anticipated tournament. As in a world cup the players will enter the stadium with mascots, national anthem, flags, fancy fans etc. The organizers are planning for an exciting yet a beautiful tournament keeping in mind that the world cup finals are taking place in coming days.
The tournament will take place as four well known world cup teams in Kerala - Brazil, Argentina, Spain and France. Representing these teams the best players in Bahrain will tie there boot to showcase a massive showdown. While it is taking place on the gprid on 13th 

FC Kerala and SS will represent Brazil, where Argentina will be represented by Yuva & Salcete. Spain and France will be represented by ISF-Sporting and Riffa Baloch respectively. 
This family fun mini world cup invites everyone to witness. Also everyone can get involved in Football quiz, Predictions, ball games etc and win exciting prizes. This 5s tournament will start from 7.30pm on 13th July, Friday. 
Organizers has arranged special arrangements for families to watch and enjoy the event.


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