Friday, April 20, 2018

Is it good to play for sevens tournaments when players already have contract with ISL and I – league clubs..?

Fourth season of ISL is over and the first super cup is leading to its final. When it comes to the 4th season, without any doubt we can say that the tournament has made a mark in the footballing map. And thus many players registered their ply in Indian football. When the season is over and it is the time for SEVENS tournaments in Kerala, how would you react to the fact that, these players who are playing for ISL and I – league teams has taken part in these tournaments.
We are not very aware about the contracts and other terms included between the players and the clubs, but we are aware that these matches might lead the players to serious injuries and might lead to some unprofessional acts. Few of those players has to play for Indian team in the coming days and we are just worried that how will they make sure of their fitness in such matches.
Hope that these players are fit and we are waiting to see these lads shining in Indian jerseys.

Naseef Abdul Kader
®SouthSoccers Media wing
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