Saturday, April 28, 2018

“An open letter by a fan of Andres Iniesta after hearing his departure”

Dear Aandres Iniesta.,
I am heart broken, I am extremely sad after hearing this. I cannot see the man, who helped me to uncover my face in dole, untie his boots with Barcelona. You are classy, simple, gentle, sharp and intelligent, a DON on football pitch. There are only few players whom were never hate by any fans, and only one whom got standing ovations rival home at and you are one. There are only few players who proved lifestyle doesn’t make a great football player but crafting the game with the feet will make any the greatest player.
Iniesta is not a name on the “8” tshirt wore by you, it was more than a name of the leader and the greatest artist on football pitch. I put my hands on my head hundred times after watching your game. I thought I will knock the habit of doing so, but the surprises and crazy moves you always made never let me. And every move, every interception, every tricks and every through ball you made left my mouth open. And this news made my head bow down because I wanted no one to see me weep.
I am thankful and grateful to live in this decade, to watch the show before the curtain draws. I am thankful to watch your game before my eyes. I am thankful to sit in the gallery and watch you do those crazy passes. I am thankful that you uncovered my face in dole. Once that 40 yard goal against Chelsea and an extra time goal to lift the world cup. This is not a letter from just a football fan. This is a letter from a fan who believed in Iniesta.

Naseef Abdul Kader
®SouthSoccers Media wing
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