Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Chaos never ends for this Young man who has travelled from India to UAE to watch Indian team play and meet his idol Sunil chetri

As the euphoria and joy continue to ebb following a brilliant win for the Indian national team we have noticed a charismatic young man Mr. Atish Kumar who is from Odisha at the stands cheering for India. When he took the tickets for India’s AFC cup matches in UAE, he completely forgot that he doesn’t have a passport to fly, after tackling much he could get the hands on the passport to fly to UAE and watch India play in Asian Cup. 

This adamant football fanatic was really moved by Sunil Chetri’s plea during the Intercontinental cup in Mumbai and ever after he is following Indian team close to his heart. He has travelled to UAE by his own to watch the AFC Asian cup matches. Working in postal department it was not easy to get approval to travel, but with must struggles he could and came closer to his dreams.

 The dream to meet the man himself - the legend, the leader, the captain -Sunil Chetri. 
He seeded this dream quite a while ago and he is assuming to be closer to him in this tournament. Atish has joined in the Asian cup volunteer team hoping to meet Sunil Chetri closer and if possible to have a short talk. Hoping all the dream comes true before he go back to India after second match against UAE.

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