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No : 10 | Neville D'Souza | Astonished Legends of Indian Football

The hat-trick goal scorer of 1956 Melboure Olympics was an Asian, who was a native of Bombay. Neville D'Souza was a naturally gifted player with tremendous skills, speed & stamina. His magical legs led the team india to another level in the football world. And also he led the team near to the olympic medal. The team suprised everyone with an unbelievable 4-2 victory over the host nation of 1956 Melbourne Olympics. There is no television or video recording was available in 1956 Olympics, due to that the a huge sum of public was unable to watch the perfomance of Neville in that Olympics.

The International political circumstances makes many countries to withdraw their teams from participating from 1956 Melbourne Olympics. This made team India, a direct entry to the quarter finals. On 1st of December 1956, India given a high volt shock to the host team Austrailia with 4-2 victory. On the 9th minute of the game Neville give lead to India with a stunning header. After 8 minutes Austrailia was strike back and levelled with their key pin striker Morrow. On 33rd minute the Austrailian Custodian Lord was failed to block PK Banarjee's lightning short, the spontaneous performance of Neville was scores again and provide lead to the team. But the key pin Morrow defeated the indian Custodian SS Narayanan and levelled once again for the host. The first half was ended up with a 2-2 draw.
Second half of game was resumed and on the 50th minute Neville poaches his hat-trick and bring the team ahead of the host. On the 80th minute Kittu put the last nail on the host and grab a 4-2 victory over the host as well as the team moves to the Semi Finals. The perfomance of India in the Semifinal was fabulous and as the performance side India deserves a Olympic medal. In the Semifinal India locked the mighty Yugoslavia with a goal less draw in the first half. Neville D'Souza put india leap head but unfortunately India was collapsed as 1-4 at the final Whisthle. It was comparitively a decent performance by the team India as per the previous match against Yugoslavia in 1952, Helsinki Olympic games. On that day India lost to Yugoslavia with a score 10 - 1. For the bronze medal Play off India was drastically collapse with a score line of 3 - 0 and Neville become the top scorer of the games.

The Austrailians call it was "fluke" match which was won by India in the Olympics against Austrailia. They demanded for another match. The another match was played and India became victorious with stunning double goal performance from Neville. As per the observation of former Olympian SS Narayan : "Neville's ball controlling capability was awesome and once he got the ball, its difficult to stop him. He was gifted with natural dribbling techniques as well as the stamina. He never use his physique to score the goal instead of his strength he uses his brain and natural capabilities to score the goals. He disposes the ball through the net without giving a single chance to goalkeepers. As per the words of the Neville's brother, former Indian International and Mahindra's Coach Derryck notifies that "Neville was equally talented in both Football and Hockey. He can became a biggest star in hockey. but his girlfriend was football So he concentrated on her."
Neville's hockey carrier was also remarkable. He started with St. Xavier's Highschool and followed with St. Xavier's College. After that he joined in Tata. He brings Beighton Cup from Kolkatta in his first season. He was the one of the member in Squad in 1952 Tata's African Tour. In that he scores 34 goals in 17 matches. From 1953 to 1955 he represents Bombay in the National Hockey Team.

Neville started his football carrier from a Goan Sports Club before he joining the Tata. He capatained the Maharashtra State Team in Santos Trophy. He was the Centre of Attraction in the football matches in 1950s. In 1958 he helped the Rovers to beat Sporting in the finals and became the first civilian club of Bombay. After he retires, in 1963 he became one of the Selection panel member of National Football Federation. "You are facing him inside the box, you can do nothing. You feel wondered, he uses simple shorts to defeat you". Words of the famous Goalkeeper Peter Thankaraj about Neville. The 1956 Melbourne Olympic hero Neville Stephen D'Souza was died on 1980 due to Cardiac Arrest.


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